Technology providing remote access to the generator from Aksa

Technology providing remote access to the generator From Aksa: Aksa, which meets its periodic and continuous energy needs, provides technical controls of generators from all over the world with its Remote Monitoring System. Providing alternative monitoring services to its customers, including wired internet and sim card technology, Aksa allows users who prefer Remote Monitoring System to control their generators from anywhere.
Turkey's leading generator company has to offer Remote Monitoring System Parts (RMS), giving the comfort of uninterrupted service to its users in the generator. All operating parameters of the generator sets can be accessed via remote access and status.
Alper Peker, the CEO of Aksa Generator, stated that they had passed through the central system immediately in front of the potential problems in the generator. Uz We continue our services after the sale with our principle of 100 customer satisfaction. Individual and corporate customers who want to follow their generators can benefit from the Remote Monitoring System we offer if they prefer. Thanks to the software used in the failure or failure information can be reached immediately to our central system. The system, which enables fault detection, makes it easier to intervene in technical matters and the generators can be deactivated when remote control is required. As Aksa Power Generation, we aim to provide uninterrupted service by solving the problems with the Remote Monitoring System as soon as possible Uzaktan.

Alternative access systems for generators
In addition to the centralized system, individual and corporate users provide access to generators with wired internet connection or GSM technology. Alper Peker, CEO of Aksa Power Generation, said: We offer alternative tracking options for our customers who want to keep their generators under control. With a wired internet connection, our users can access their generators from anywhere in the world, or use a special SIM card inserted in devices where there is no internet. Individual and corporate customers benefiting from Aksa Power Generation's remote monitoring technology can also see their oil pressure, engine condition, fuel and battery levels. Aks
Aksa, providing solutions for the sectors, provides remote access and control of data entries thanks to the software used in generator sets that are suitable for remote and high altitude extreme climatic conditions. Users can check all the zones installed on the map and follow their status with their color indicators.
With its fast and high quality service concept, Aksa Power Generation uses sim card technology in its rental generators in order to provide instant support to its users.

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