Izmir Traffic Remedy in Public Transportation

Izmir Traffic Remedy Public Transport: Urban traffic in the city center can only be resolved by public transportation Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu said, "We should encourage the use of public transportation by providing the comfort of private vehicles," he said. Mayor Kocaoglu, 3 said he would go to Ankara for the permission of the new pier.
At the first meeting of the İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Assembly in September, increasing density and public transportation investments came into question with the opening of schools. In order to relieve urban traffic, they carried out a series of studies, while opening new roads and boulevards, on the other hand they put emphasis on parking investments President Kocaoglu, despite all these events, pointed out the public transportation. Mayor Kocaoglu said, sadece It is not possible to solve the traffic problem in metropolitan areas by parking and driving. In a city with a population of 4 million, the comfort provided by the car should be transported to public transportation. The alternative is rail system, Bun he said.
”We have upgraded the rail system to 11 floor“
Mr. Aziz Kocaoğlu, who reminded that Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has invested in a rail system that is not comparable with any other province, said il Our rail system investments have passed 2 billion pounds. 11 grew on the floor. We took the 11 to 130 kilometers. We extend the İZBAN line to Selçuk by extending 26 kilometers. We are going to make a tender this year to deliver the İzmir Metro to Narlıdere. We increased our bus fleet by 45. We bought new ferries with 500 million pounds investment. We didn't leave one old steamer. Bir
In line with the needs of the city, they have opened many new boulevards and avenues, and the Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality mentioned the ın Park et, ringle continue sayı campaign initiated by the citizens of Alsancak to solve the parking problem and increase the use of the Heroes' parking lot. The number of subscribers reached in the 1200 vehicle capacity parking lot is only 250, indicating that Chairman Kocaoglu said:
New piers are coming
Or Your vehicles stay safely in the parking lot with a monthly subscription of 100 pounds. 10 We make a free ring trip to Alsancak in front of a car park. In spite of this, there is empty room for 950 in our car park. My advice to citizens living in Alsancak, they use this car park. It is announced to the needy. İhtiyaç
Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu said that the number of people who benefit from sea transportation cannot be increased by increasing the frequency of the ferries. Bayraklı He stated that in front of the courthouse, new piers would be built in the Mavişehir and Karataş regions and that they would go to Ankara in the coming days in order to obtain the necessary permits for them.

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