Izmir Bay Crossing 70 will minutes to minute 10

Izmir Gulf Crossing 70 minute to the 10 Minute: Izmir traffic to relieve the Environment Road, İZBAN and Konak Tunnel explaining the implementation of AK Party deputy Atilla Kaya, "Prime Minister Binali Yildirim, the Gulf Crossing was ordered by the order. Project planning and EIA process will be completed in 2017. With this project, Izmir's traffic 'Lightning' will flow with speed, 'he said.
The İzmir Ring Road, İZBAN and Konak Tunnel, which were put into practice during the period of Prime Ministry Binali Yıldırım's Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, significantly relieved the city traffic, and came to İzmir Gulf Crossing project. AK Party Izmir deputy Atilla Kaya, eli If the Environment Road, İZBAN and Konak Tunnel did not move in Izmir traffic would not. The new ones are on their way. The project and EIA process will be completed at the beginning of 2017 of İzmir Bay Crossing Project. With the Gulf Transition Project, the traffic of Izmir will flow at the speed of 'Lightning'.
Reminding that Prime Minister Yıldırım completed the remaining construction of İzmir Ring Road with a total length of 55 kilometers, Kaya Tunnel opened the Konak Tunnel and the 112 kilometer İZBAN line. Ini After the opening of the Konak Tunnel, especially the city traffic and the daytime population, a relief was provided in Alsancak, Basmane and Çankaya. Thanks to the Konak Tunnel, which reduces the 30-2 minutes to 3 minutes in the busy hours of the day, the Izmirans provide fuel savings of 30 million liras annually. The architect of this project, the Prime Minister Binali Yildirim, we can not thank how much, Baş he said.
Place in the Gulf Transition
We've done them and we're not saying it's over. We are working to relieve the traffic in İzmir with new projects, daki stated the project, ası 12.6 project finalization was approved in 2 km length İzmir Bay Crossing Project that will connect Çeşme Motorway to the south and reach to İnciraltı region in the north. . At the beginning of 2017 project and EIA process will be completed. With the completion of the Izmir Bay Crossing, traffic from the northern axis of Izmir will be provided to reach the southern axis of the Gulf without going into the city. The İzmir Bay Crossing, planned as a road and rail system, will provide the connection of existing or planned rail systems on both sides. Her
Call for project by Metropolitan Municipality
Kaya also called for cooperation with the Metropolitan Municipality and said, da For the solution of the traffic problem, the Metropolitan, which is the main responsible for urban traffic, needs to produce projects. Metropolitan, short-term transportation and traffic improvement projects and public transport projects should be prepared as soon as possible to prepare. We are ready to support the Metropolitan in this regard as it is in every issue. Biz
Izmir Ring Road, in order to relieve urban traffic, especially from the existing south line, Balçova, Uzundere, Karabağlar, Gaziemir and Buca districts north, Bus Station, Bornova, Karşıyaka, Çiğli and Menemen direction was made to connect seamlessly. Vehicles coming from Aydın Karşıyaka The traffic that took place especially in Altınyol due to their direction to the direction, became more intense when a business entry-exit was added. When Izmir Ring Road was opened, this load was largely eliminated. By the end of 1976, only the 2002 mileage of the Ring Road planned in 11 was possible. The project gained momentum when the AK Party government came to power and Binali Yildirim became the Minister of Transport and completed in 2007. Work is underway to extend the ring road from Koyundere to Menemen. In order to extend it from Menemen to Çandarlı, the tender will be started with build-operate-transfer method in the coming days.
İZBAN, which was commissioned in 2010 between Aliağa and Menderes, was extended to Torbalı in recent months. Thus, the total length of İZBAN 112 kilometers went up. 2015 in İZBAN by the end of the year, the number of passengers carried 87 million. 2016 60 by the month of August, the number of passengers transported by the 2016 million said. With the effect of the newly opened Torbalı line, the number of passengers transported by İZBAN at the end of 100 is expected to reach XNUMX million annually. It is also planned to extend İZBAN to Bergama and Selçuk in the coming period.
The Konak Tunnel, which has a double tube with 1674 meter length, was opened to traffic in 24 May 2015. Tunnel, the center of the city creating a serious concentration of vehicles, the road from the road and Mustafa Kemal Coast Boulevard, without experiencing congestion into the region through the tunnel, provides the transition to the opposite side. Vehicles arriving by the coast, Adnan Menderes Airport, Buca, Bornova, Otogar region, Yeşildere road from the direction of Güzelyalı, Balçova, Çeşme direct access to direction. In total, 315 million vehicles are calculated from the opening of Konak Tunnel, which was completed by making a spending of 15 million pounds. Thanks to the Konak Tunnel, which reduces the 30-2 minutes to 3 minutes in the busy hours of the day, it is calculated that the people of Izmir provide annual energy savings of 30 million liras. The Konak Tunnel increased the traffic safety of the drivers as well as the breathing of the traffic in Izmir. The tunnel is planned to make it possible to access the bus station from Konak and Buca with the connection routes in the future.
It will connect the Çeşme motorway in the north from the Environmental Highway and Atatürk Organized Industrial Zone and reach to İnciraltı district in the south. Approximately 12.6 kilometers of the planned Gulf Crossing, 6.9 kilometers will be the sea pass. The 1900 meter section of the sea crossing will be an immersed tube tunnel, the 4 bin 175 meter is a bridge crossing, and the 880 meter is an artificial island. The artificial island is planned to be a moon-star. The project will shorten the 31 mile-long coastal road with the 19 mileage, and the 55 mile-long ring road will shorten the 43 mileage. With the project expected to cost 3.5 billion pounds, the 65-70 minutes through the coast between Çiğli and Narlıdere, while the 45 minute journey time through the perimeter, 10 will go down to the minute. The project will also include rail system.

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