Istanbula Giant Metrobuses Coming

Istanbul Metrobus Stations and Map of Metrobus
Istanbul Metrobus Stations and Map of Metrobus

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It is aimed to provide relief in Istanbul traffic with metrobuses with 3 cabins and a capacity of 290 people, manufactured by a company in Bursa upon the request of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. With these metrobuses, whose test and approval processes are planned to be completed by the end of the year, the current metrobus passenger carrying capacity in the city is expected to increase by around 40 percent.

At the request of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, it is aimed to provide relief in Istanbul traffic with metrobuses that are manufactured by a company in Bursa, with 3 cabins and a capacity of 290 people.

Remzi Baka, General Manager of the automotive factory that produces the metrobus, said that their company was established in the Kestel district of Bursa at the end of 2013. Baka explained that they have produced buses 9 and 12 meters long, and they have the capacity to produce buses from 6 meters to 25 meters. Baka said, “We export 40 percent of the buses we produce. Most of the buses we export operate in different countries of Europe. ” said.

Baka stated that, in 2014, upon the request of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, they started the design and production of one of the mass transit vehicles, the metrobus. Baka said, “We have come to the present day with the contributions of Bursa Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe and his technical team. We developed the 25-meter-long metrobus vehicle with a capacity of 290 people. We will finish the metrobus tests and homologation (approval) processes by the end of the year. ” he spoke.

Will increase current carrying capacity in Istanbul by 40 percent

Pointing out that the metrobus line established by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality in 2007 is a great example for fast developing cities in the world, Baka continued as follows:

“Metrobuses came to the fore as an alternative to the railroad as a mass public transportation vehicle for cities, especially in terms of its quick installation and economy. very high capacity buses do not have much in Turkey and Europe. In line with the request of IETT, it was seen that there is a need for double-door, high capacity vehicles suitable for metrobus line and regional conditions. In this process, we developed this metrobus. We worked to make the Metrobus lines more useful. ”

Stating that the new metrobus vehicle is more developed than what is currently used, Baka said, “Currently, about 480 vehicles are working on the metrobus line in Istanbul and an average of 750 thousand passengers are transported per day. Currently operating metrobus vehicles have a capacity of about 190 people. Since the capacity of our vehicle is 290 people, it will increase the current carrying capacity in Istanbul by 40 percent. ” said.

Explaining that there are some problems of the line in Istanbul, Baka said that the metrobus vehicles sometimes go in the opposite direction in traffic and therefore there may be major accidents with loss of life from time to time.

Diesel, electric and hybrid

In order to eliminate this problem, they designed the vehicle as a double-door.

“Increasing the carrying capacity will bring great comfort to the traffic. Previous metrobuses were imported from abroad. The fact that this tool is domestic is also a great advantage. The fact that the vehicle is domestic is the demand of our Metropolitan Municipality. It will make a great contribution to both our industry and the national economy. At the end of the year, we would like to see these vehicles on the Istanbul metrobus lines. We developed our vehicles in three different models, diesel, electric and hybrid. We developed our current vehicle in accordance with diesel Euro-6 European standards and certifications. In the process, we can produce the electric and hybrid version of this vehicle at the request of the municipalities. We developed these vehicles in accordance with European standards in order to sell them abroad. ”

Expressing that there is no vehicle with this capacity used in transportation in Europe, Baka said that they aim to continue the production of mass public transportation vehicles.

Pointing out that they aim to develop and grow in this area, Baka said:
“Our first target is the Istanbul market. I believe that after Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, big municipalities will show more interest in the metrobus we produce. Metrobus projects are more economical and faster. In addition, this quality project provides passenger carrying capacity close to the tram. Our goal is to sell this vehicle to European countries after Turkey. If we want, we can transform our vehicle into a higher capacity metrobus. We can develop different models according to the traffic rules, conditions and standards of the country. We have a flexible structure according to the demands of the customer. We can apply our customers' requests to the metrobus vehicle.”

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