Istanbula 290 personality metrobus

Istanbula 290 personality metrobus: 3 cabinets, 290 personality metrobuses come to Istanbul. The vehicles that will ease the traffic will be one hundred percent domestic production. With these metrobuses planned to be completed by the end of the year, passenger carrying capacity is expected to increase by 40.
At the request of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, it is aimed to provide relief in Istanbul traffic with metrobuses that are manufactured by a company in Bursa, with 3 cabins and a capacity of 290 people. Remzi Baka, General Manager of the automotive factory that produces the metrobus, said, “We developed the 25-meter long metrobus vehicle with a capacity of 290 people. We will finish the metrobus tests and homologation (approval) processes by the end of the year. ”
Stating that the new metrobus vehicle is more developed than what is currently used, Baka said, “Currently, about 480 vehicles are running on the metrobus line in Istanbul and an average of 750 thousand passengers are transported per day. Currently operating metrobus vehicles have a capacity of about 190 people. As the capacity of our vehicle is 290 people, it will increase its current carrying capacity in Istanbul by 40 percent. ” Stating that they developed the vehicles in three different models as diesel, electric and hybrid, Baka continued as follows:
Tir Increased transport capacity will bring great comfort to traffic. The previous BRTs were imported from abroad. It is a great advantage that this vehicle is native. It is the demand of our Metropolitan Municipality to be domestic. It will make a great contribution to both our industry and the national economy. At the end of the year, we would like to see these vehicles in the Istanbul BRT lines. We have developed our vehicles in three different models: diesel, electric and hybrid. We have developed our current vehicle in accordance with Euro-6 European standards and certifications. In the process, the electric and hybrid version of this vehicle can be produced at the request of the municipalities. We have developed our vehicles in accordance with European standards. Bu



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