Description of IETTden 290 personality metrobus

290-person metrobus statement from IETT: IETT denied the news about the production of 290-person metrobus by a company in Bursa at the request of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.
IETT statement, based on the descriptions of the company's factory manager in the news prepared for the vehicles mentioned in the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality or its affiliate İETT General Directorate said there were no written or verbal request.
In a statement about this news, the company management contacted the company and asked for a statement.
“As IETT, we would like to share with the public that the news in the press that 'metrobus production is made by a company in Bursa at the request of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality' does not reflect the truth.
The IETT General Directorate carries out all kinds of goods procurement processes in accordance with the provisions of Public Financial Management and Control 5018, Public Procurement and Public Procurement Contracts 4734 and 4735.
Within the framework of these laws, it is not possible to receive offers or place orders without making price research and technical specification preparations, and publishing the tender notice. We present to the public information. "
An automotive factory in Bursa, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality over the demand of 25 meters long, 290 people with the capacity to produce a BRT announced.



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