Attention to High Voltage Between Manisa and Akhisar

High Voltage Between Manisa-Akhisar Attention: In a written statement by the TCDD 9 on Friday September Manisa Akhisar catheter wires 25 thousand volt high voltage will be given to the citizens in the region, he warned.
In the statement made by TCDD 3rd Regional Directorate, “Within the scope of TCDD General Directorate Menemen Bandırma Electrification Project, electrification works have been completed on the railway line in Manisa-Akhisar railway line section for electric train operation, Horozköy, Manisa, Saruhanlı, Karaağaçlı, İshakçelebi, Kapaklı, Akhisar Stations and On 9 September, 25 thousand volts of electrical energy will be supplied to the catenary wires that provide electricity transmission for electric train operation on the railway lines between these stations. In order not to cause loss of life and property due to the high voltage in the railway, it is necessary not to walk under the electric train overhead lines, not touch the poles, climb, approach the conductors and touch the falling wires. " statements were included.



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