President Ahmet Çakır examines level crossing

Mayor Ahmet Çakır studied level crossing studies: Malatya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ahmet Çakır, Deputy General Secretary Zeki Sarılar, TCDD Railways 5. Regional Director Uzeyir Ülker and some Heads of Departments, along with road and level crossing studies continued in the Babuktu region.
Mayor Ahmet Çakır, who made a short evaluation during the study visit, said, ızı We have accelerated our efforts to complete our road works in the area where our live animal market is located before the Feast of Sacrifice.
Especially in order to prevent traffic congestion in the Live Animal Market where there is a great density during the Feast of Sacrifice, we will be relieved of traffic by opening a new 1 km long 25 meter wide road. I believe that our new road works will contribute to the reconstruction and transformation process of this region.
Up until now, we have been using 40 bin m3 filler and 8 thousand tons sub-base material for opening this road by our Metropolitan Municipality. In this way, where a large number of works have been completed, we will complete our work with 3 thousand tons of hot asphalt paving and put it into service before the festival. This kind of connection roads, junction arrangements bring regional relaxation in traffic. We care about such studies. I would like to congratulate all my friends who work in the field te.
We care about the safety of our citizens
As the Malatya Metropolitan Municipality, the project was prepared by the Ministry to secure the level crossing of the Babuktu-Industrial Zone. Currently, the work continues at a great pace. With the completion of the overpass, both the accidents at this point will be prevented and the safety of life and property of our citizens will be ensured. We continue our efforts to make the level crossings healthy.
I would like to thank all employees of our Municipality and Railways Regional Directorate for carrying out these works. Ben
On the other hand, Metropolitan Mayor Ahmet Cakir, served in the road work for the staff sweet.



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