Entertainment owners go to Ankara

Owners of entertainment places go to Ankara: Within the scope of Tramway Project of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, the operators, whose work places have been destroyed and closed for their businesses so far, will try to announce their voices to the authorities in Ankara this time.
Bar operators will go to Ankara, where they will meet with Erol Kaya, the Vice President of the AK Party.
Kocaeli Entertainment Places Investors Association (KEYDER) gathered under the roof of the bar operators yesterday made a press release in the Old Cafe. Serkan Güyük, one of the tradesmen who closed the work place, said on behalf of all operators, ec We want to break down our work places by making excuses. How can you throw me out? If you're going to show me a place out, we're going to revive them. The place we want is not legally a problem, this is the most painful situation. They're gonna give it to someone. They're being intentional. We want an appointment for the fifth time, but now they memorize names. Karaosmanoglu does not make an appointment, the Governor does not give appointments. The most recent interview with Nevzat Doğan was the 8 month. Güray Oruç says 'There is nothing for us'. You do not grant a license to a building that is under license of Izmit Municipality. Who runs this city, this municipality. AKP Provincial Presidency said that he would make a statement about the issue right after the feast AKP.
We will meet with KILIÇDAROĞLU
The General Secretary of the Metropolitan Nevzat Dogan, 'We do not have anything' declarations that communicate with them after stating that Güyük, said:
Mel The license is the building of Izmit Municipality. Nevzat Doğan said, 'I am under pressure, they call me a license.' And who's the one who says that? We speak with the Metropolitan General Secretariat 'Let it be given immediately'. The AKP provincial presidency says 'It would be absurd'. General Secretary Karaosmanoğlu'nun 'I can not show you the space, but if you find the appropriate place to help' reminds us. But we know that Karaosmanoglu said to Dogan, 'You will not give a license'. I applied to open the cafe to him they said the fire brigade and they did not allow. We were going to meet with Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu in Ankara. We also want to talk to one of the AKP. There is a center in the AKP that coordinates the District Municipalities. We are also planning to meet with Erol Kaya, the Vice President of Local Governments. We have an appointment for them. We will be in Ankara this week. We are also planning to meet with Zeki Aygün's adviser eki.

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