Dangerous sacrifice on the train line

Dangerous sacrificial sales on the train line: The hours before the Eid al-Adha, feeders in Kars sell sacrifices on and around the train line without worrying about “there is no place”.
Hours before the Eid al-Adha, feeders in Kars are trying to sell sacrifices in the train line and its surroundings without worrying about it.
The sacrifices brought from the village and fattening farms to the area next to the level crossing on Cumhuriyet Avenue in İstasyon District in the city center from the early hours of the morning are offered for sale by the breeders here. Citizens show great interest to the victims, which are also sold on the train line from time to time because they do not fit in the area due to their large numbers. The owners of the victims are smiling because of the sales they have made despite the danger.
Stating that they were busy before the feast, Yaşar Kaya, one of the feeders, said, “I brought about 70 victims, and I sold 2 of them in 3-40 days. This year our sales are good, thank goodness. I will continue selling victims on the first day of the holiday. ” said.
“Citizens come here easily”
Stating that they sell sacrifices on the train line, Kaya said, “We know when the train arrives, but it is still dangerous. We have no other place to go, what should we do? There will be a place so that we go there. We cannot go far from the square. Citizens come here more comfortably, taking the sacrifices they take from there to their homes. That's why we bring the sacrifices here. ” he spoke.
Expressing that he brought 50 ovine sacrifices to sell in the Mediterranean, Önder Ahmet Akdeniz said, “Our prices and sales are good this year. This year, the citizens demand a lot in the bay. ” He spoke in the form.
Mediterranean, the train line they are doing the sale of the victim and the train came by taking measures to reduce the danger by stating that, said:
“In fact, our customers have to increase the prices a little by taking this danger. We expect 6 people at the beginning of the sheep. When the train arrives, we take our precaution and try to minimize the danger. I wish our municipality makes a better area, but if we can do it in a better area. ”
Maşa Ağalı, one of the breeders living in the area, stated that she bought and sold sheep and this year, the victim said the sales went well.

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