The dangerous game in İZBAN

Dangerous play in İZBAN: Two negligence experienced in İZBAN and car ferry in Izmir made you give up. In the car ferry called “Ahmet Piriştina”, which made the Üçkuyular-Bostanlı expedition, children were reacted to the section called the captain's lodge and the bridge used by the captain. On the other hand, it was seen that 2 children were sitting on the rails and sitting on the rails at the ESBAS station of IZBAN.
The captain of the "Ahmet Piriştina" ferry, which made the trip to Üçkuyular-Bostanlı at 15.50 the day before, allowed children to enter and exit the bridge and the bridge where only the ship personnel could enter.
Dangerous play in İZBAN
During the expedition, the children, who came and went under the captain's mansion under the confused gaze of the citizens, even made a selfie with the phones in their hands. In the meantime, it was noteworthy that no officials removed the children from the prohibited area. Another event that brought hearts to the mouth occurred at the ESBAŞ station of İZBAN. The two children sitting on the station with their feet hanging down on the tracks gave fearful moments to those who saw it. While the children responded by laughing at the warnings of the citizens, they continued to shake their feet towards the rails. The children were removed from their seats with the intervention of security guards.

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