Bucaya Driverless Metro Comes

Buca Metro Stations
Buca Metro Stations

There is no driverless subway to the city: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has rolled up its sleeves for the subway project to solve the transportation problem of Buca district. The feasibility studies will consist of the Üçyol-Buca Metro line 11 station. Independent of the existing lines, Buca Metro will be equipped with the latest systems of technology and train sets will serve as ros driverless Mevcut.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which continues its rail system investments in three branches with its tram, suburban and metro projects, is also working intensively to bring the metro to Buca as soon as possible. “Üçyol Station-Buca Tınaztepe Campus-Buca Koop.” Within the scope of “Transportation Master Plan”. Büyükşehir, which started the application project for the "metro line" last year, made an important progress in this study. The new line, which will be connected to the Üçyol Station ticket hall floor for passengers, will operate independently from the existing lines. In this way, the latest systems of technology can be used in Buca Metro. The train sets on this line are planned to serve as driverless.

12,5 km -11 station

There will be 12.5 stations on the 11 km line, which is planned to be built as a deep tunnel in order not to affect the social life in the region. Buca Metro, which will be projected in connection with Şirinyer İZBAN Station, will start with Üçyol Station. Following this station, Zafertepe, Bozyaka, General Asım Gündüz, Şirinyer, Buca Municipality, Butchers Square, Hasanağa Garden, Credit Dormitories Institution, Buca Koop. stations will be lined up and the line will end with Çamlıkule Station.

Construction tender will be held in 2017

After the feasibility studies are completed, an application will be made to the Ministry of Transport General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments for project approval. After the application and approval processes, the project is planned to be tendered in mid-2017.

Map of Buca Metro

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