Free Transport in Ankara

Public Transport is Free in the Sacrifice Festival in Ankara: The Greater Municipality of Ankara has made public transportation free of charge for the Eid al-Adha to pass in a more peaceful environment and to make it easier for everyone to go. EGO buses will be free again during the holidays. Citizens in Ankara Kurban Bayrmanı'nda Ankara is free to public transportation came early to answer the question. 4 public transportation will be free of charge during the daily holiday holidays in Ankara. In Ankara, public transport, metro and tram will be used free of charge during Eid al-Adha.
Capitalists, during the feast of the demands and complaints, 7 / 24 open ALO 153 line, while the Police and Fire Brigade teams, will be on duty during the holiday.
Metropolitan Municipality's otobüs free bus passengers during the holiday, this year, 4 daily Eid al-Adha (12 August Monday, 13 August Tuesday, 14 August Wednesday, 15 August Thursday) will continue. As every year, EGO buses will carry free passengers so that citizens can visit the cemetery and relatives without any transportation problems and reach the places they want safely. 12 During the Feast of Sacrifice, which will start on Monday, 4 will be able to board EGO buses without using Ankarakart during the day.
The people of Ankara, during the holiday “EGO Cepte application to the bus stop at what time, which minute, mobile phones, internet environment or by calling ALO 153'u will be able to learn.

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