Ankara Metro Returned To Unkapan

Ankara Metro Returned to Unkapan: Amateur singers and groups dreaming of catching the fame, trying to announce their voices in the subway. Mini concerts on the Metro journey are also shared on social media.
Ankara Metro welcomes amateur artists and groups such as Unkapanı Plakçılar Çarşısı in Istanbul, which has flocked to those who want to catch fame all over Anatolia. Ankara Metro is the new address of amateur music groups who perform in the streets or perform in small venues. The number of people who made music on the subway, in which the famous singer Koray Avcı gave mini-concerts for a period to open the door of fame, has recently increased.
7, a close friend of people from Zonguldak, carried music from the streets of Kizilay to subway cars. The amateur artists who prefer Kızılay-Batıkent flights take the permission from the vagondakis while they are in the subway and give a mini-concert. Guitar, tambourine, darbuka, bendir, drums, clarinet instruments, such as music, young people, from time to time with the applause of passengers. Amateur artists and groups' shows on the subway are also shared on social media.

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