Anapet pushes button for domestic cistern wagon production

Anapet domestic cistern wagons pushed the button for the production of: Railways with fuel transportation, which allows the cistern wagon imports, brought up to 2020 year ban, Anapet the said products in the local power structure who transport these vehicles provide investment decisions direction of production in Turkey
Imports of cistern wagons to transport fuel by rail; "Rail Vehicles Registration and Registration Regulation" Located in the presence of an agent "possible production in the country will be imported cargo and 1 of coaches / 1 / 2020 until the date of the registration process will not be" ban introduced by Article Anapet of these products in the local power structure in Turkey also led to investment decision.
The cistern which is more secure and affordable means of transport compared to road, Local Energy General Manager Ertan irrigator stating that they have decided to grow in Turkey, the Ministry of Defense and tÜpraŞ that do carry their own cisterns, Anapet of the 46 Total as its own goods cistern wagons TCDD'dan rented by the cistern wagons out of a few companies that serve the front said.
Local Energy General Manager Ertan irrigator indicating that the dangerous and transporting domestic and abroad hazardous substances and carrying out storage activities Anapet's basically makes fuel transport by rail, on this issue to be covered in Turkey reported that in so many ways.
Currently, the Ministry of National Defense and TÜPRAŞ transport fuel with their own cisterns that the fuel distribution sector, BP and OMVPO'nin imported a portion of the product carried by the rail, the watering, anapet, including these transports, said that a few companies.
Inside the 46 cistern
Presently stated that Anapet transports itself with its own 46 cistern. Ertan Suleme stated that the transportation by rail is a preferred transportation in the European Union due to its advantages in terms of security and low freight cost compared to highway. The water supply, in our country, to increase the share of rail transport in total transportation should be made of special efforts, fuel transportation, because of both security and economy can contribute to this very much, therefore, with their affiliates for many years in the fuel industry, they see the decision to invest in this area they are very open to investment said they took .
TCDD is making serious investments for the development of the sector, they also act in this direction expressing the Watering, "Railways to be made in accordance with the investment we want to enlarge our investments," he said. In this context, they want to take part in the establishment of new logistic villages, said Ertan Watering, ılı Unlike dry cargo transportation, transport transportation, requiring a transport, ie, the product, you can not take the package and put a place. In order to transfer this to land tankers or other facilities, there is a need for additional collectors, pumps, piping and filling arms. In other words, an integrated system needs to be established Yani.
from customers on demand, Ertan irrigator indicating close to 100 TCDD cistern constantly they hire, the banning of time before cistern imports, they entered into a new quest for production in Turkey, if necessary, said they were in preparation to invest in this direction.
Lowered freight cost with transfer station in Diyarbakır
Expressing that they have completed a transfer station investment in Kırıkkale-Yahşihan, they will complete the investment in a short time, Ertan Suleme stated that they will realize this investment in other cities. Irrigation service in Ankara and Diyarbakir, which touched on water supply, Diyarbakir thanks to the railway transfer facility by reducing the freight cost of the environment with 12 advantageous products in the way that they offer the consumer to offer safe and economical fuel to the end consumer, he said.


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