Metrobus accident shocked in Acıbadem… There are injured people


Metrobus Accident in Acıbadem Shocked ... There are Injured: The Metrobus accident in Istanbul Acıbadem was terrified. Traffic was paralyzed after the Metrobus accident.

A metrobus accident occurred during the peak traffic in Istanbul in the morning. According to the last minute information, the metrobus, which went off the road in Acıbadem, entered the D-100 and took the vehicles under it.

Metrobus accident occurred at the hour of traffic intensity. Metrobüs was crushing the cars underneath, but stopped when it hit another bus.


The cause of the accident Metrobüs'ın emerged.
According to eyewitnesses kazanThe reason for this is the fight between the passenger and the driver in the metrobus.
It is said that the passenger who kicked the Metrobus driver and hit him with the umbrella caused the vehicle to get out of control.
Metrobus, which came out of control, flew to the E-5.


The Metrobus crushed it by taking under a large number of vehicles under way to go to work. The bus was a bus in which the metrobus collided and the head was set to stop. Metrobus took 6 and crushed it.


The wounded were reached. The first information received is that the 10 is trapped in vehicles under the BRT. The wounded were taken to the hospital.


When the metrobus accident occurred at the peak of the traffic, life stopped on the Anatolian side. Kadıköy - Traffic on the Tuzla line is paralyzed.


The first images from the scene of the Metrobus accident show the gravity of the incident. Here is the scene in Acıbadem, which was reflected on the cameras right after the accident. kazans video footage.

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  1. Terrifying scenes, pictures with a word. The bitter side is the fact that this is neither a first nor the last.
    Daily internet newspaper “RayHaber”Followers. There, as well as other subject and branch periodicals, symposia, etc. We constantly write, say, and acknowledge: The Metrobus system is not our invention and has never been put into practice in the countries in which it was developed (eg Germany). The problems - already programmed and known - are obvious. What needs to be done should be simple and urgent.
    In the short term, urgently:
    • The edges of the Metrobus road, especially in a mega-traffic city where barbarian drivers like Istanbul are on their way, can never be separated by a rope barrier! The edges of the line must be separated immediately from New Jersey with the TC highways standard- type barriers.
    • In this way, the entry from the BRT line to the road and the road and even to the vehicle will be prevented to a great extent. (Accidents are reduced only among themselves by BRT vehicles.)
    • In the vehicle, the driver / driver spaces must be protected by a safety glass cabinet and the driver must not be contacted directly by the passenger. Communication with the passenger should be done verbally and via a microphone-speaker. (In the past, there was a sign h Talking to the driver is forbidden! Ö, and nowadays, it is necessary to leave the conversation, ö No sign of fighting with the driver (.)
    • Of course, it is inevitable that drivers will receive additional training and support such as additional special behavior, psychological anger control.
    In the medium term:
    • Metrobus lines should be transformed into the rail system iniAluminium CarBody type Tram-.
    (again urgently, because even if ordered today, months, but months after the vehicles can be presented, the infrastructure will be corrected and the rails will be laid for months ac)
    Otherwise, we are condemned to live, hear and live such accident news periodically.
    The problem here is that after the discovery of the round wheel >> 5000 thousand years ago, an IBB who thinks it has found an 8-sided (polygonal) wheel still insists on this more troublesome system!
    On the way to the fire brigade rescue mission in advanced countries, according to the news, a suitable capacity (eg:> = 100 tons) from more than one mobile crane is instantly sent to the scene. In the scene seen, attempts to lift the bus with low-capacity, folding boom cranes, mind-boggling shapes and methods. This means that the Istanbul fire brigade does not have this type of rescue vehicle. So typical to our country; “Six pipes, the top Şişhane” (- ?, or is it trying to find solutions with such flexible combinations as a solution?) One way or another, whether it's long past, urgent healing to the wounded! We hope that there will be a lesson for all of us, and we hope that those concerned will take positive, logical and scientific decisions, albeit slowly, and put them into practice immediately! Otherwise, the day will come, all these vbg warnings can also be used as evidence against the concerned ... Our wish can never be the last.