Will Tram Expeditions In Gaziantep

Tramway Expeditions In Gaziantep: Will be gathered for the first session of September, the Metropolitan Municipality Council of Gaziantep, 62 decided the agenda item. While all the items were unanimously approved in the parliament, which was chaired by Osman Toprak, Mayor informed the public about TEDES application and Light Rail Site. Earth, the passenger capacity of the trolley doubled by double-wagon application said.
The assembly, chaired by Osman Toprak, decided the agenda of 62. In the session where all the items were decided unanimously, the agenda items were referred to the relevant commissions.
The article which includes making 2 million aid to the Foundation of Gaziantep Development was passed by parliament. Together with this support, GAGEV will contribute to the promotion of Gaziantep in the field of UNESCO Gastronomy.
Following the discussion of the agenda items, Mehmet Sucu from the CHP, argued that citizens were not adequately informed about the application of TEDES. Indicating that the increase in traffic density with the opening of schools Sucu, light rail system will be relieved by the traffic on the whole route was passed.
President Toprak, who made a statement after Sucu, said that the arrangements were made in the application of TEDES but the implementation was not completely canceled. Stating that TEDES is in the jurisdiction of the police, Toprak stated that the implementation of 3 in Gaziantep continues.
Toprak extended the stops of the light rail system, trams, passenger capacity doubled, he said. Çıktı With the double wagon system, our passenger capacity is 60 thousand a day, which is 120 thousand, N said Toprak.

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