The latest high-speed train for TCDD is at InnoTrans

The latest high-speed train for TCDD is at the InnoTrans Fair: With the applications developed by Siemens, inking Rethinking mobility o; joining the InnoTrans Fair, the world's most important fair on railway technologies, systems and vehicles. At the 20-23 Fair, which will be held in Berlin, Germany, on September 2016, Siemens will demonstrate its digital innovations that will make the transportation industry more competitive and create more impressive solutions. The latest high-speed train set to be delivered to Siemens will be presented to the visitors.
In 2050, it is estimated that 70 of the world population will live in cities. As a result, it is becoming an urgent need to provide effective transport solutions for the urban population. People are waiting for solutions to help them meet their daily transportation needs in a simpler, more flexible, fast, reliable and affordable way. On the other hand, the cities also face difficulties such as reducing the cost of transportation, reducing noise and reducing CO2 emissions and meeting the space requirements. Siemens will exhibit its digital innovations that will meet these needs and create solutions in InnoTrans 2016 with the motto Siemens Rethinking mobility Siemens.
At the fair, designed and manufactured for Turkey Velaro high-speed train will be exhibited. Designed specifically 6 high-speed train line will start to be used in Turkey in the year 2016. The Velaro high-speed train will provide passengers with a fast, comfortable and safe journey at the speed to reach 300 km per hour. With its spacious restaurant section, specially designed Business Class rooms, advanced entertainment and telecommunication systems, Velaro high-speed trains, which are separated from other series of the series, will change the way of travel with new generation technologies and special digitalization applications.
Siemens in the InnoTrans 2016 o
At the Innotrans Fair to be held in Siemens Berlin, the exhibition will showcase the work that will make the transportation industry more competitive and create more impressive solutions. Siemens will share their new designs with the participants and will be able to present the 6 vehicle to the participants. In addition to the solutions described above, Siemens;
* Introduces the new wide-line Vectron locomotive which complies with difficult situations. The Vectron locomotive is planned to start servicing in Finland at 2017.
* Produced for the first Velaro Turkey of the products included in the fair. The high-speed train has been serving for more than a year and the 600.000 has traveled more than miles. At the Siemens plant in Krefeld, Germany, six more trains will be produced.
* Siemens offers the 74 driverless subway train for the Riyadh Metro in Saudi Arabia, which is currently the world's largest urban rail system project.
* In Doha, the State of Qatar, Siemens is building a turnkey tram system, including the Avenio low-floor trams. Trams will work without an electric air line.
Desiro City, designed for South West Trains to start operations at 2017, will significantly increase passenger capacity compared to old trains when managing London's regional transport.

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