Fugitive in municipalities

Police obstacle to dolmushers in Bursa: In Bursa, the status of those who work in parallel with the T-1 tram line and taxi dolmies has been transformed from the minibus to a taxi plate with the decision of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Coordination Center Board. Dolmuşçular decided to stop the execution upon the application made by the Administrative Court. Despite the objections of the drivers, the filled taxis were connected to the parking lot by the police teams.
With the decision of the 1 minibus Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Coordination Center with D plate, which runs parallel to the T-36 tram line on the Central Garage-Sculpture line of the central Osmangazi district, it was converted from the D plate to the 'T' plate with taxi status.
Drivers who objected to the decision and want to be taken away from the rights of the case carried to the court. The Regional Administrative Court decided to stop the execution and decided to examine the matter.
The police teams that set up a checkpoint on Atatürk Street yesterday morning launched an application to stop the expedition of minibuses. The police teams pulled the drivers and passengers inside the car from the minibuses they stopped and loaded the vehicles they received the ignition keys into the car park. There were some discussions between some drivers reacting to the situation and the police teams. Although there was a decision to stop the execution issued by the court, and according to the law, some drivers who stated that the police did not have the power to tie a vehicle did not want to give their vehicles. A large number of police teams were dispatched to the area due to the controversy and when a driver broke the windows of his vehicle.
After the examinations, the dolmuşçular had to take a collective decision in order to prevent any incidents. Dolmuşçular, said they would carry the case to the judiciary to meet their damages.
The first step was taken to relieve the traffic, which has become an insurmountable place in Bursa every day.
Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe made the statement, "The minibuses carrying passengers between the city square / Statue (on the T1 tram line route) are now removed".
"Such arrangements will be made on different lines that are deemed necessary for the more regular operation of urban traffic," said Altepe.
Altepe, which brought the issue to the agenda in the Municipal Assembly held last Thursday, stated that 1,5 dolmies have been converted into a taxi in 600 years. They said they would return to a taxi.



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