Çorum should be a priority railway

Çorum's priority should be the railway: Turkey, stating that maintain our province's growth, an important industrial city in the process, explaining that it is difficult to establish the novice unity Deputy Kurt priority can sell out the products that we produce fast and black train, giving the individual rather than the airport Merzifon'un should be used for more profitable that he said.
Justice and Development Party Çorum Deputy, Parliament, Health, Family, Labor and Social Affairs Commission member Lütfiye İlksen Ceritoğlu Kurt, after a long hiatus came together with the local press, our city made a lot of explanations about the agenda.
Deputy Kurt, the AK Party Provincial Vice President Ismail Yağbat, Mesut Ceylan, AK Party Provincial Women Branch President Meryem Demir, AK Party Provincial Youth Branch President Ünal Yıldırım, AK Party Province Board Member Hüseyin Özpolat and some party managers in Eflatun Café met with the press.
In a friendly environment sohbet Deputy Kurt, who answered questions on issues such as the 15 July coup attempt, Çorum airport, high speed train, novice union, culture and tourism, Peace and Economy Workshop and Hayat Paper, is in an effort to fulfill the task assigned by Çorum residents in Ankara in the most sincere way. He reported that he had been doing his duties, but he might have made mistakes and he could always be warned about it.
Feton of Turkey's sine qua agenda, the PKK PYD Isidor such as stressing that the fight against terrorist organizations 15 July coup attempt later created unions could get away from all the problems of our country by moving to more advanced point of the spirit of fellowship expressing deputy Wolves, "for now the priority of the State Feton and other terrorist They are organizations. 15 importance of the geographical location of Turkey in July, progress and has become the target of trying to destroy us because of the brand to become. However, thanks to the permission of Allah and the leadership of the President, this initiative was eliminated in this process. In the next process, we should always say in our minds. We must act in a spirit of unity and unity. We should enter into the normalization process of bureaucracy, non-governmental organizations and the press especially for politicians.
In Çorum, all segments must act deliberately and not allow terrorists to infiltrate. Let the 15 see July as a milestone and not allow us to divide us. We need to go into the normalization process together and make the ties of affection into the bonds of love and we need to pass a sample application in Çorum. We believe we can do that. 15 July night in the Assembly of the Assembly of all of our deputies from Corum Corum is not a negative thing, we were all very happy. We are the deputies of the Gazi Assembly. Çorum's stance on the coup strengthened us even more. Dar
With the coup attempt, the economy went back for the 10 years, but the state has implemented a lot of projects to correct them, Deputy Kurt said.
Opposition is easy to do, but they are the most difficult to say that they aspire to the management of the deputy Kurt, every time the Parliament is trying to be working in Çorum, our city's economy should be produced in order to constantly produce the project, if the needs of the city carried out the necessary work they do, the state will explain the economy Corum also added one of its packages to work in the point of the said.
Çorum, young people, women and tourism in the field of a lot of work and projects that expressing that especially the Hattusa, the UNESCO list of the 30. Lütfiye İlksen Ceritoğlu Kurt, who explained that they care about the year, so there will be intensive programs in Çorum in October or November, a Peace Workshop is going on in our city and a Hitit Village will be built in Boğazkale with the support of OKA. city ​​'with the slogan of the number of tourists waiting for our province reported an increase.
Çorum shopkeepers about the demand for the novice union, answering questions about the AK Party deputy Kurt Kurt said it was not easy to have this job.
Noting that they wanted to give the good news expected by the shopkeepers in Çorum, but they were cautious about the recruiting union since Çorum was on the way, Kurt said that they would continue to follow the issue. Explaining that requests regarding the recruit union were conveyed to him, they conveyed the issue to the relevant authorities, but it seemed difficult to reach him at the first stage, Deputy Kurt said, “Çorum is being cautious about recruiting. These units are given to the inner provinces for security reasons. Since Çorum industry is developing, it seems that it does not need a boot camp. Of course, we haven't given up on the subject. We will persist and do our best. recruit union to Çorum kazanWe will do our best to get rid of it.
Our priority is fast and black. Because the industry is strong, Corum needs railway to sell what they produce. The airport would of course make you want to, but it seems difficult recently. It seems more logical for us to use rantabil than Merzifon Airport. The name of Merzifon Airport will be changed to Erol Olçok Airport.
For example, if the airport is currently in Çorum, I do not board a plane from Ankara and come to Çorum. Because you're going to the 1 hour Esenboga to come here. 1 hours, you're trying to get on a plane. 1 will be here every hour. As I already got into the car, I reach Çorum in less time than this period. Ben
Osmancık responds to the reaction against TEDES and the Traffic Commission's speed limit from 50'dan 70'e stating that the deputy Kurt, Hayat Paper-related problem has been followed for two months, previously in our province, a group working on the issue, but what is important The problem is that the explosion is attainable from them.
Member of the press Lütfiye İlksen Ceritoğlu Kurt reminding the members of the press members of the press to remind them of the official announcements on their websites and that they will do a research about the internet sites and radios and add a report to the relevant places.

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