Bus Driver Stabbed on Security Camera in Kocaeli

Busting the Bus Driver
Busting the Bus Driver

The moment of stabbing of the public bus driver, who changed his route due to the tram construction work in Kocaeli's Izmit district, was viewed by the security camera in the vehicle.
According to the information received, the passenger named Osman S. in the private public bus with license plate 41 J 0488 under the administration of Sezer Yıldız in Yenişehir District Gazi Mustafa Kemal Boulevard started to argue with the driver who changed the route due to the tram operation.

Passengers who want to get off the bus, the stall has continued to argue with the driver who rejected this request. After getting off the bus, there was a fight between the insulting passenger and the driver.

In the fight over the growth of the debate, the bus driver was stabbed by the passenger Osman S.. 112 Emergency Service teams injured the first intervention, Kocaeli University Research and Practice Hospital was removed.

After the incident, the suspects were arrested and detained by police teams. The injured driver was in good health.

Stabbing moment reflected on camera

Meanwhile, the moment of the fight on the bus was recorded by the vehicle's security camera. The images show the discussion between the driver and the passenger and the stabbing of the driver during the fight.
Speaking to journalists, Hasan Öztürk, the head of İzmit City Minibuses and Coaches Cooperative No.5, stated that some roads were closed in İzmit due to the rail system operation and that the route route changed.

Expressing that there was a dispute between the passenger and the driver for this reason, Öztürk said, “Our driver, who changed his route because the road was closed, was stabbed by an angry passenger. Our friend received a single knife strike from the kidney in the incident. He will be operated. He is also present in the camera footage, he constantly describes the situation. It expresses the route change and the reason for not landing, but the passenger continues to argue. When the passenger gets out of the vehicle and continues to insult and swear while the vehicle is moving, he follows. He gets stabbed in the fight. " he spoke.

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