Kars-Akyaka Train Schedules interrupted

Kars-Akyaka Train Schedules were interrupted: 26 On July 2016, within the scope of the visit to Kars Tbilisi Kars Railway Line, Minister of Transportation Maritime and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan 87'in said the completion of the project, the work continues uninterrupted.
Within the scope of the project, a one-month interruption was made for the DMU-Set trains departing from Kars-Akyaka. 19 On October 2016, Kars-Akyaka scheduled to continue operations on the railway line will be carried out in line with BTK.
Within the scope of the project, the last passengers stop by the end of the year in the Kars part of the railway line, which is aimed to train with a diesel locomotive by the end of the year, while the last passengers are stopped off today, while the new train station construction is continuing.
Transportation Officer You Kars Provincial Chairman Muharrem Toraman, Transport Maritime and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan 's initiative in the realm of the site pointed out that the site literally returned. 'After the task of the Minister of Maritime Affairs and Communications Ahmet Arslan accelerated the work on the railway and doubled,' 'said Toraman,' 'Mr. Ahmet Arslan also said during his visit to the construction site of the area, such as the area culverts, bridges, such as connection to the work to be done because of a short period of Kars Akyaka voyages. We will take a break. ara
Kars Akyaka, who are aware of the importance of this line for the people of the region who recorded the Toraman, 19 October 2016 trains on the service of the citizens will be offered again. Toraman said that they had a daily average 200 passenger voyage and said an We take a month break due to the works to be carried out on the Baku Tbilisi Kars Railway Line which is very important for our country and our province, but with the works to be completed, our region will have a very important position in the railway. In Akyaka Kars, there is a capacity between 200 and 300, but we have never been to 200 passengers, which shows that Akyaka is an important value for our city. For this reason, we will make every effort to complete the works and to start the voyages as soon as possible. Bu

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