Is there an impact of Marmaray on the crevices in the Topkapi Palace?

Do you have any influence on the rifts at the Topkapı Palace? The following is the Istanbul Chamber of Architects Istanbul Metropolitan Branch Chairman Sami Yılmaztürk, who met at the walls of Istanbul Topkapı Palace. He said that there is a possibility of harm our cultural heritages, therefore we emphasized that measures should be taken. ın Yilmazturk, Topkapi Palace, the formation of these crevices in the Marmaray Project has asked if there is anything to do.
According to the news of Omer Erbil Hurriyet Newspaper; During the dismantling of the cement plasters, crevices appeared in the walls of the basement floor of the Fatih Pavilion where the treasury part of the Topkapı Palace Museum was exhibited. Istanbul 4 Protection Board says that the effect of seismic activity in the Marmara Sea in recent years has brought the building to the point of collapse.
One of the criticisms made before the Marmaray Project, which connects both sides of Istanbul to the sea through a tube gate, was that these assets were under threat because of the fact that the project was close to historical and cultural assets. Before the project came to life, the Chamber of Architects and experts warned and asked the authorities to take measures to prevent these effects. Topkapi Palace after the agenda of the cleavage of the Chamber of Architects Istanbul Metropolitan Branch Sami Yilmaz Yilmaz met with the cause of these clefts directly "due to the vibration created by the Marmaray Project" can not be said, but the project is likely to harm the historical structures in the region, the subject should be investigated by the authorities said.
He said that the seismic activity in the Marmara Sea started to form since the beginning of the excavations of the Marmaray project. Oluş It is not correct to start the projects without removing those vibrations in the Sea of ​​Marmara. If unnatural vibrations cannot be eliminated, you will not implement those projects. Doğal
He said that the Marmaray line extending along the Yenikapı-Sirkeci line is harming all the cultural assets of the region. Yılmaz Before a project is made, it should be investigated whether the project has an impact on the cultural assets. Measures taken after damage to cultural heritage does not provide a benefit, Kültür he said.
Yılmaztürk stated that Marmaray project should not go near cultural heritage, ın These vibrations are unnatural vibrations. There is no possibility that it will not affect the Topkapi Palace. But it is necessary to investigate the cause of the clefts..
Ilber Ortayli, the former head of the Topkapi Palace Museum, said in a statement in April that Maramaray was objectionable for Topkapi Palace, “The back part of the palace overlooking Marmaray should definitely be arranged as a park. And especially the restoration of the foundations of our Museum (Topkapi Palace Museum), the retaining walls facing Marmaray, must be completed as soon as possible and in the best way ”.
CHP Istanbul deputy Sezgin Tanrikulu, Topkapi Palace Museum, "Carrier walls, the formation of large crevices, the treasury section was closed to visit for security reasons" claimed the Assembly. Tanrıkulu, Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım's response to the Presidency of the Parliament in the motion to the Presidency of the Parliament said:
* Considering the fact that there are large crevices in the bearing walls of the historical Topkapı Palace Museum and the treasury department being closed for security reasons, why have not the necessary measures and measures been taken before?
* 2016-10 cm wide crevices observed in the basement of the Fatih Pavilion, which is located in parallel with the collapsed wall of the tea garden located in the sea side of Gülhane Park in April, 15. are there? What is the reason for waiting if there is no work?
* On which company side is the restoration of the palace?
* Is the claim that the palace will not survive an earthquake of five magnitudes at present? If the claim is correct, will the ground investigation be carried out for emergency intervention? Will the soil consolidation work be started? Zemin
The Ministry of Culture and Tourism made a statement on the news in the press about the Fatih Mansion, where the treasure was exhibited in Topkapı Palace, that it faced the danger of collapse.
Ministry of Culture and Tourism Press Counselor said in a statement, the press on the news about the Topkapi Palace in the need to be announced on the news said.
In the statement that the restoration of Topkapı Palace Treasury Department is being carried out within the scope of "Istanbul Topkapı Palace Treasury Department Restoration and Display Arrangement Work" and it was deemed to be actually initiated on 09 October 2015, "The floor and wall are thought to be fully diagnosed. measurements were made. As a result of these studies, it was revealed that the building and the ground on which it was located should be strengthened.
Accordingly, drilling and inspection pits and instrumental observation techniques should be used in the building, its surroundings and slope area in order to handle the reinforcement project with ground data. The study including drilling locations and excavation points to be carried out within this scope has been approved by the Regional Board for the Protection of the Cultural Heritage. ”Was said.
The statement included the following information: “On 27 April 2016, the report that emerged as a result of the studies carried out with the participation of the General Directorate of Cultural Heritage Museums, Istanbul Survey and Monuments Directorate, Istanbul Topkapı Palace Museum Directorate and the Advisory Board composed of academicians:
The cracks in the treasury section were determined to have come to a level that would exceed the crack dimensions and be split and split. In the methodological ranking, it was accepted that the ground effects for the detection of the problem outweighed and that the collapsing in the retaining walls in the region was due to the ground. In order to handle the reinforcement project with ground data, it is necessary to open a drilling and inspection pit from the building, its surroundings and the slope area, and to monitor it using instrumental observation techniques, as well as from the slope between the Treasury and Archive-Warehouse buildings within the scope of the work in question. It was decided to determine the ground reinforcement method based on the laboratory results of the ground surveys as a result of the drilling data in question, and to determine and project the reinforcement method according to the data, crack meters, ground weakness of the static reinforcement project. Restoration and structural reinforcement studies will continue after approval by the relevant Conservation Regional Board in line with the said reviews and reports. In addition to the reinforcement works, the works for the exhibition-arrangement project are about to be completed. ”

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