Passenger train in Egypt overturned 5 dead, injured 27

5 dead, 27 wounded in Xiaofi, 3 injured in 5 wagon of a passenger train in Giza, Egypt.
The Ministry of Interior announced that the wounded were taken to hospitals by ambulances. In the announcement made by the railways, the 80 passenger train in Cairo-Said said that the first 3 wagon was overturned due to the excessive speed while changing the line in Iyat district of Giza city.
Iyat district is known to be the region with the highest number of train accidents in Egypt. In 2002, 350 passengers lost their lives in a train on the same spot. In 2009, the 30 killed two 60 people. In January, a passenger train crashed the freight train, the 7 lost, and the 3 was injured.



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