3. 250 airline will fly to the airport

3 airline will fly to 250 airport: Istanbul New Airport, which will be the biggest in the world when it is completed, will serve 350 with more than 250 destinations.
Yusuf Akçayoğlu, Senior Manager of IGA Airports Construction, said that the construction works of Istanbul New Airport are continuing at full speed.
The first stage of the airport, the specified date 26 February 2018'e voicing that they have added to their nights during the day Akçayoğlu, said they want to finish the rough construction of the terminal building as soon as possible.
Stating that the terminal building under construction for the first stage with a capacity of 90 million passengers will be 1,3 million square meters, Akçayoğlu said, imizi I think we can lift 110 million passenger capacity. Because the terminal building of Atatürk Airport, 60-350, which now hosts over 400 million passengers annually, is on a thousand square meters. ”
X 2 thousand planes per day will be able to land and take off ”
Akçayoğlu, 6 billion euros will be spent for the first stage, saying that the current 2,4 billion euros was spent together with the VAT.
At the last day of the holiday holiday Ataturk Ataturk Airport 18 thousand 500 plane landing takeoff in a day, a new record was reminiscent of Akçayoğlu, "We open the first phase of the day landing 2 thousand aircraft can take off," he said.
250 to service its airline
Akçayoğlu stated that the airport will be one of the biggest HUBs in the world.
Akçayoğlu stated that the management of the airport continues its negotiations in different points of the world and said that “the airport will serve the 250 airline”.
Akçayoğlu underlined that the airport will have the largest parking lot in Europe with 18 thousand vehicles and that the number of employees, which is currently 18 thousand 500, will reach 30 thousand people in this period next year, and 100 will provide a new direct job opportunity for thousand people.

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