110 People Stranded on the Cable Car Line in the Alpine Mountains

Ropeway in the Alps
Ropeway in the Alps

110 is stranded on the cable car line in the Alpine mountains: due to a technical failure in the Mont-Blanc mountain between France and Italy, the 110 people were stranded in the ropeways during the evening.

As the technicians of the company operating the ropeways could not solve the problem for a long time, the gendarmerie launched an operation to rescue those stranded by helicopters.

Haute-Savoie Governor Georges-François Leclerc, said that the situation of the people who were stranded in the cable cars, but only a limited number of people can be evacuated by helicopters at a time that the rescue work may take a long time.

The trip in the 5 kilometer-long cable-line line of more than three thousand meters is completed in minutes and the 35 passenger can be transported on every vehicle.