Washington Metro is experiencing serious problems

Washington Metro is experiencing serious problems: A group of tourists visiting Washington is going to the L'Enfant Plaza subway station on a hot, humid summer day using escalators. A person who studies the sketch of the Washington subway system is trying to figure out where the line is going. The afternoon is 16: 00. The Washingtonites, who are preparing to go home from work, are slowly filling the platform at the station.
Australian tourist Chris Percival, who has been exploring the subway map, is boasting that the metro system in his hometown Sydney is much larger. Percival says that the system also serves outside Sydney, 'do not offend but our metron better than yours' can not say.
. I still love Washington very much, hn says Percival, apologizing for criticizing Washington's 40 subway system, which was put into service just years ago.
A woman trying to get home from work, waiting outside in the hot bus.
The 30 woman says she won't use the subway. A woman with a pair of high heels on her feet insists on not using the subway.
Why doesn't this woman want to use the subway? Here is the description:
”I would run to the station to catch the subway. But I didn't expect the metro to come. Or he would come but it would be so crowded that I would have difficulty getting in. 2009 was a mortal accident. A woman died of shortness of breath as a result of smoke filling the wagon. After that, I stopped taking the metro. Bu
The Washington Metro is in a big crisis. The problem was so serious that the authorities had to make a last-day subway round the clock during the winter and make an emergency maintenance-repair.
The newly appointed director of the Washington Metro has announced a program for comprehensive maintenance of the subway. The program, which was initiated to shut down the serious security gaps of the metro and make the necessary repairs, means that the metro service in many places is disrupted.
The position of Paul Wiedefeld, Director of the Washington Underground, has turned down the demands of the Voice of America for an interview.
How did Washington's subway system, one of the most powerful cities in the world, including the US Congress and the White House, have become like this? How quickly did Washington DC deteriorate in such a short time, as President Obama once described as 'one of the greatest advantages of this region'?
The name of the subway, which is used frequently by the public servants working in the federal government and which brings economic growth to the undeveloped parts of the region, is now known to cause accidents, fires, delays caused by the derailment of trains, and the death of 14 Washingtonlu until now.
Another question is why London and Tokyo metros, which are much older than the Washington Metro, are more reliable.
Importance of Maintenance and Repair
Zachary M. Schrag, a professor of history at George Mason University, author of The History of Washington Metro, published in 2006, says the alarm bells from the Washington Metro actually ring in the middle of the 1980s. The Federal City Council report published in 1986 warns that the cost of maintenance and repair will increase rapidly in the 1990s as the Washington Metro starts to age.
Professor Schrag says this prediction is correct.
Washington Metro, operated by the Washington Metropolitan Area Transportation Authority, is a two-rail system. However, the subways in other cities are based on four rail systems. When the system has two rails, it is much more difficult to pull a damaged train or make emergency repairs without disrupting the daily transport flow.
Another problem with Washington Metro is that it lacks regular funds. The Washington Metropolitan Area Transportation Authority, which runs the system, is composed of representatives from the Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland states.
The congress does not want to fund the Washington Metro after the Federal Transportation Office report and the successive failures in the system, which have harshly criticized the Transportation Authority for failing to secure key security measures.
Kevin Mahrer, 30 diplomatically throughout the year, currently lives in Tokyo. He noted that neglecting the lack of funds and the vital maintenance and repair have led to major problems. The expert stresses that the Washington Metro is not regularly repaired and maintained.
Wrong approaches
Tokyo Metro is one of the world's most reliable, safe and most appreciated metro systems.
26 for years living in the Far East, America's Voice reporter Steve Herman, finds this assessment correct.
Herman, who is currently a reporter for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Washington and therefore experiences the problems of the Washington Metro first-hand, says that the Far East countries attach great importance to public transport.
Accident or other problems in the 90 for the XNUMX years in the Tokyo Metro is very rare Herman, Japanese rail systems, great importance because they attach importance to the public because of public transportation is an integral part of daily life, he emphasizes.
Kevin Mahrer says the Tokyo Metro is run by a board of private companies, not government and local governments. These companies are looking for the interests of the consumer and attaches great importance to safety.
Washington Metro, the second major subway system in America, is experiencing serious problems. Other American cities are facing problems that negatively affect public transport systems.
Underlining that Boston has a solid fund system, Zachary M. Schrag explains that the city administration has invested billions of dollars in the subway maintenance, New York plans to make billions of dollars in maintenance, and that Chicago has completely closed a line for maintenance.
According to Schrag, who has been studying the transportation systems for many years, one can only conclude that the problems of the metro systems in the United States are: All problems are due to insufficient investments in infrastructure.

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