Urfaya cable car to be built

Urfaya Teleferik will be built: In order to complete the Teleferik Project, which is one of the visual projects of Karaköprü district, to be completed, Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality became a partner. President Nihat Çiftçi, who participated in the meeting, said “Our aim is to serve Şanlıurfa Pro.

The Metropolitan Municipality, which continues to work for the further development of Şanlıurfa every day, has taken the initiative for the Teleferik Project, which is among the visceral projects of Karaköprü Municipality. The Metropolitan Municipality, which aims to complete the project as soon as possible, will work together with the Karaköprü Municipality with a percentage of 50.

The project will consist of two kilometers and connect the Akbayır neighborhood and Esentepe. The project will include 2 station building and 10 cabin.

In order to evaluate the recent developments in the project, Mayor of Karaköprü Mayor Metin Baydilli and Mayor Nihat Çiftçi, who came together with the employees of the municipality said, belediye Our only aim is to serve to Şanlıurfa Proj.

With the realization of the project, the service not only Karaköprü Haliliye and the citizens of Eyyübiye added that the benefit of all citizens living in the President Nihat Ciftci, Ey Karaköprü Mayor Metin Baydilli and his colleagues made an assessment. We had a ropeway project identified with Karaköprü. We have repeatedly evaluated this together with our Head of Text and today we have reached a final decision. This project was decided to be co-produced by Metropolitan Municipality and Karaköprü Municipality as 50. This project will not only address Karaköprü but also Haliliye and Eyyübiye. 2-2.5 I would like to thank our friends who have been working on this project for years. I think that the decision taken in terms of the unity and solidarity of our Şanlıurfa is a very important message. Let Şanlıurfa be auspicious lucky Şanlı.

Karaköprü Mayor Metin Baydilli stated that the project is important for the development of the district. Mayor Baydilli, proj Our cable car project is one of the vision projects of our Karaköprü. Previously planned and brought up to date. The Metropolitan Municipality decided to make the city forest there and the 30 acreage child coincided with the Metropolitan. The Metropolitan Municipality did its best by not breaking us. I would like to thank to Mayor Nihat Çiftçi for being a partner. Hopefully we will complete our project and present it to the service of our people together with the city forest and children's play. İn

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