Uludağ will be a favorite of tourism in summer.

In the summer months will be reviewed in Uludag tourism Uludağ, one of Turkey's most important tourism centers of winter, now in summer with Bursa Metropolitan Municipality's investment has become a center of attraction.

Aiming to increase the share it receives from the tourism cake of Bursa, the Metropolitan Municipality, which focuses on all the natural values ​​that the city has to the forefront, puts the projects that Uludağ has designed for providing service to tourism during the 12 month, not just in winter. With the renewal of the cable car which is the most important of these projects, it is now possible to reach the Hotel Zone with a comfortable journey of 20-25 by local and foreign tourists, and it is transformed into attractive living areas in the areas where cable car stations are located. While the landscaping at the Kurbaga Rock Station in the Hotel Zone is completed, the bungee jumping trampoline and inflatable playground established here give children a pleasant moment, while the show groups are the focus of attention of local and foreign tourists.

Mayor Recep Altepe, accompanied by Bursa Teleferik A.Ş. Together with the General Manager İlker Cumbul, he toured the Kurbağa Rock Station in the Hotels Area in a new living space. Altepe emphasized that Bursa is the most important value of Bursa in this area and it continues its works in terms of both infrastructure and superstructure.

Remarking that the most important investment in Uludağ was the renovation of the ropeway and the extension of the hotels, President Altepe said: However, Uludağ became a more important center of attraction. There was nothing in the area of ​​the hotels we were in before. Now the station building, landscaping, amusement park-style playgrounds for children has created a new living space. It was an important center for trekking and climbing sports enthusiasts. We will continue to create new activity areas as the permits are received İzin.

Günceleme: 24/11/2018 16:50

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