Erol Yanar, Head of UDHB Development Development Visits TÜDEMSAŞ (Photo Gallery)

Erol Yanar, Head of UDHB Development Development, visited TÜDEMSAŞ: Erol Yanar, who met with Mr. YILDIRIM, General Manager of TÜDEMSAŞ in his office, received information about TÜDEMSAŞ's fields of activity and future targets. Erol Yanar, Head of UDHB Strategy Development, visited the facilities and production sites of TÜDEMSAŞ.
Tugemas General Manager Yildirim Koçarslan and ÜPK Head of Department Mustafa Yurtseven visited TUDEMSAŞ accompanied by Erol Yanar. During the trip, Erol Yanar was informed about the activities of the company.
Erol Yanar is a member of the Board of Directors of Ankara Sivaslı Turkish Associations.

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