TÜDEMSAŞ is the Leader in Repairs as in Production

TÜDEMSAŞ the Register in production as repairs Da Leader: TÜDEMSAŞ (Turkey Railway Machines Industry Inc.), maintenance of freight wagons, repair and ECM must-have turned to perform overhauls in accordance with EU standards (Entities in Charge of Maintenance) Maintenance and Supply sub-function certificate. In our country, this certificate, which is the most comprehensive document taken to this day, has the authority to carry out maintenance and repair of the freight wagons from TUDEMSAŞ, TCDD and private sector wagons as well as from European countries.
In order to standardize the maintenance and repair procedures of freight wagons operating in the international railway network, the Turkish Intergovernmental Organization (OTIF), which is a member of our country, is supervised by the Italian Bureau Veritas, the No-Bo, according to the relevant directives. TÜDEMSAŞ has successfully passed audits with its technical infrastructure and documents required for maintenance and repair works.
Considering that it is of great importance in terms of safety to ensure that the maintenance-repair and revision of the freight wagons operating in the railway network of our country in accordance with the international standards is of great importance in terms of safety, the ECM Certificate is an international obligation to improve the quality of the repair and to make the revised wagons safer.
The ECM Maintenance Supply Function Certificate received by TÜDEMSAŞ is the most comprehensive certificate of competence in our country, including the maintenance, repair and replacement of all sub-wagons of our country railway network including all cistern wagons.
TÜDEMSAŞ Leading Regional Development
TÜDEMSAŞ General Manager Yıldıray Koçarslan stated that TÜDEMSAŞ has been moving confidently towards its goal of being a freight wagon base with the works carried out in recent years. Koçarslan said: lik Thanks to the quality certificates and international certifications we have, in our company, which is the leading freight wagon manufacturer in our country, we are establishing cooperation based on fellowship with its subcontractors for the further growth of the railway industry that has started in our country.
We convey our company's 77 knowledge and experience to many subcontractors in Sivas Organized Industrial Zone. Contractor our, while preparing our country 2023 target, TÜDEMSAŞ together with our stakeholders, maintaining the production of Sivas freight wagons, repair, and we are moving confidently towards the target to be railway base in Turkey on the revision of the point. "He said.

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