Transport Minister Arslan's 30 August Victory Day Message

Transport Minister Arslan's 30 August Victory Day Message: All kinds of attempts to destroy our unity and solidarity throughout history, our nation of saints who thwart all kinds of attacks, 30 August 1922 Dumlupınar'da Dumlupınar with the great victory in the whole world has declared an integral whole. . 30 With the epic victory achieved in August, the foundation of our Republic, which is the common heritage of all of us, was laid.
In this respect, 30 August has a very special meaning and importance for our saints, it is a common holiday for all of us, it is a pride for all of us.
Today, the task that falls on us, all impossibilities, despite all the difficulties in our republic, which we have established by exceeding the difficulties in the unity and togetherness should be even more to exalt and strengthen.
15 showed on July night; This nation and the state will remain forever as long as there are citizens who protect their homeland and nation without putting any hesitation against weapons and tanks in order to resist the treacherous coup attempt against the existence, democracy and national will of our country.
Turkey, as an indivisible whole of the nation, today our brotherhood meant terror and other threats will overcome all, much brighter, will become a much brighter future.
Thanks to this meaningful day, the founder of our Republic, Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, especially all the heroes of our War of Independence, all our martyrs and veterans from the past to the present, commemorates with gratitude and gratitude, today, the Turkish armed forces who carry out a superior struggle against terrorism in our country I offer.
I congratulate our nation's Victory Day with my heartfelt feelings on the occasion of the 94th Anniversary of the Great Victory.

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