Increase in transportation

Increase in transportation in Kocaeli: In the August meeting of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Coordination Center (UKOME), it was decided not to increase transportation.
The meeting of the Metropolitan Municipality Transport Coordination Center (UKOME) in August was chaired by Doğan Erol, Deputy Secretary General. In the meeting, where the agenda of the 49 item was discussed, the demands for hike were decided due to the increase in transportation costs of the craftsmen tradesmen, especially the fuel service providers.
Kocaeli Bus and Minibus Trolley Room demanded to raise the rate of 10-15 to the public transportation fees in our city. In the meeting, which was evaluated by 9-14, the city's minibuses were raised by considering the report prepared by the University. 24 was the increase in 9 in the city of Izmit. 2.10 TL was the same as 2.30 TL and student ticket 1.35 TL was increased to 1.5 TL and 1.65 TL to 1.80 TL. In Gebze, the same rate of increase in urban public transportation fees. 9-12 percent of the transportation rate in the district was released. A single tariff on all lines of sea transportation has been increased from 2.5 TL to 2.75 TL.
Increase in taxi fares
At the UKOME meeting, where the demands of the taxi drivers were discussed, a raise was decided. 2.70 TL which is the tax fee of the terminal number of 3 TL 2.72 TL, the cost of the 3 TL was the 39 TL. Taxi fare tariff was determined last XNUMX months ago.
Anka AVM's closed and open car parks and Belde A.Ş. While 10 hike to the open and closed parking lots, the parkomats on the street operated by Belde A.Ş.
Excavation and rescue operations of vehicles interfered with traffic in the borders of the Metropolitan Municipality due to the increase in the personnel salaries and traffic insurance expenses of the owner of the towing and rescue company Özkar Dönge and other companies and the commission report regarding the withdrawal of vehicles and the raising of their car parking fees was also discussed, the rate was increased by 5 percent.
Upgrades to school services
In the case of the UKOME, which has met the demand for an increase of 20 in the Chamber of Service Vehicles Operators Chamber, the fees for student transportation services for the 2016-2017 academic year were increased by 5. The shortest distance fee was increased from 118 TL to 125 TL. 39 months for service vehicles were not raised.
Rejection to these demands!
Asil Tanriverdi Yildiray Tourism Company THY Sabiha Gokcen Airport, Adapazari, Bursa and Kocaeli to transport the passengers of the company's 27 personality service vehicles to use the D-100 highway, Akmis Airport Service Transport company, Ruhi Karaalp'in Kocaeli-Istanbul Kocaeli-Istanbul Demands for departing from the terminal to carry the airport passengers between the gulfs on the D-100 highway and for serving passengers from the appropriate stops were not accepted.
No entry and exit of heavy vehicles
The entrance of the D-100 highway between the traffic lights of Derince Port and the new Gölcük Road Bridge junction (Yahya Kaptan intersection) between trucks, trucks and heavy tonnage vehicles was banned between 07.00-22.00 hours. It is expected to provide significant relief in terms of traffic on the D-100 highway after the UKOME has started and is being implemented.
Central Park Junction
Belde A.Ş, Izmit Kadıköy A request to take a parking ban was discussed in order to prevent vehicles from parking on Bağdat Caddesi, the neighborhood. Parking ban was imposed on vehicles from the Santral junction of the street to the Eastern Barracks. Only short parking will be allowed on the right.
In the UKOME meeting, it was decided to allocate the line of buses to Transportation Park A.Ş. between Değirmendere, Halıdere, Ulaşlı, Ereğli, Karamürsel, Kaytazdere, Altınova, Osmangazi Bridge, Gebze Yenimahalle city front in order to provide the citizens living on the south side of the city. .

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