Corbynin train travel in Britain created controversy

In England, Corbyn's train travel sparked controversy: the images of the Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, shot in England, sitting on the ground, caused a great debate.
One of the prominent issues in the British newspapers is the pictures of the Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbyn taken while sitting on the floor on a train…
According to the news in BBC Turkish, Corbyn's criticism of railways belonging to private companies with these images started a new discussion in the country.
According to the Guardian's report, Corbyn claimed that he had to sit on the ground because the train was full. "Passengers face this every day," Corbyn told the camera of a journalist who was with him at the time. Trains are both expensive and crammed. This is an indication that railways should be re-owned by the public. ”
Virgin Railways, to which the train from which the footage was taken, claimed that Corbyn 'went past the empty seats and sat on the ground' and released the security camera recordings of the day of the incident.
Guardian on the records, empty seats, showing that seats have been reserved, he noted.
Corbyn also challenged this claim by Virgin Railways, saying that he had taken the train with his wife that day and was sitting on the ground because they could not find two empty seats next to each other.
Independent, on the other hand, gives the news with the headline "Corbyn's train campaign is derailed".


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