Views of the Third Bridge Caused a Fight

Views of the Third Bridge Caused a Fight: 3.Köprü'da to look at the landscape from the driver standing in the back of the fight between people in the vehicle came.
At the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, the driver, who came after him, to look at the landscape, entered into each other and the driver tried to respond by removing the baton.
Thus, the first time after the opening of the bridge that connects the strait of Istanbul was the first time.
A driver from the European side, who wanted to cross the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, wanted to stop the vehicle and watch the scenery while he was on the safety lane, and another vehicle from behind followed by a horn and started yelling at the driver waiting in the safety line. Two people who get out of the car with nerve, the driver of the vehicle on the car when the driver took his baton, two people tried to respond. Intervening drivers in the surrounding environment prevented the fight.
The driver waiting in the safety strip with his family im I cut the safety strip and tried to beat me. The police told me I could wait, but the person in the civilian car behind me, got up and punched my car, because I cut the road. Polis
Truck driver standing to separate the fighting drivers ini She uses the safety line and knocks at the man who has come. An unstable man trying to attack. Such a rudeness can be? Olabilir he said.
Both of the car drivers left the scene.

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