The Samsun Protocol

The Samsun protocol carried out the test drive of the first four kilometers of the light rail system from Gar-Tekkeköy on Saturday.
Samsun light system second stage Gar-Tekkeköy new light rail line of the Kılıçdede, Samsunspor, City Hall, Blue Lights and Fisherman's Shelter test drive was done by the Samsun protocol. The protocol boarded the train in front of Samsun Governorate for the test drive. Ibrahim Sahin, the Governor of Samsun, first sat in the seat of the train and took the train to the Fisherman's Shelter Station. First, the Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality Yusuf Ziya Yilmaz took the seat in the driver's seat. Then, in turn; Samsun Chief Public Prosecutor Ahmet Yavuz, Rector of Ondokuz Mayis University. Dr. Sait Bilgiç and AK Party Samsun Provincial Chairman Muharrem Göksel conducted test drives. Finally, President Yılmaz sat in the seat of the mother's seat and brought the protocol to the front of the governorship.
Mayor Yılmaz: ac We are going to put into service on Saturday Başkan
Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Yusuf Ziya Yilmaz made a statement during the test drive. Gar Our new light rail system works between 14 and Gar-Tekkeköy continue. The first four kilometers of this line will be put into service on Saturday. Today we are testing our valuable protocol. When public transport first enters cities, the first test drive is made by the managers of that city. That's the tradition. We'il do it later. In the opening; We think that our Minister, our Prime Minister, will be our President ız.
Governor Şahin: ıy We are approaching the airport Val
Ibrahim Sahin, the governor of Samsun, said that the city would be more comfortable with the route opened. As Samsun protocol, we made our first test drive. We are approaching the airport. The integration of this route into the system means relieving the transportation in Samsun and the living areas in the city are spreading a little more. I thank those who contributed. I didn't have a hard time driving. I don't know the location of some buttons, but I wasn't much of a man as a fast train driver. Speed ​​limit on this train 60 mileage, but we had to speed up the speed train 250 mileage 'he said.
The opening of the first 4 kilometer line, which will continue the test drives, will be held on Saturday.


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