Tire tire

Tire of the cable car exploded: the guests coming from outside the city to the Teleferik Facilities, but the citizens who have to return because of the fault, the authorities often asked why the cable car is often malfunctioned, "We can liken the errors such as the explosion of a bus wheel," he received the answer. Izmir-based accountant Mustafa Akca, Ramazan Bayramı'nda Balçova Teleferik Facility to tour the relatives of the relatives, but the cable car was defective because Akça and guests had to go back to see the facility.

They shook the cabin

. As far as I follow, the fault is often occurring. The cable car that we have been staring for years, finally, has observed that despite the valid note received from all European institutions, we are constantly victimizing us. Ina Akça, who sent a letter to İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, asked why the cable-car frequently failed and asked for the repair process.
As the source of the fault, the feast week of the passengers traveling in the cabin and the cabinet rattling reasons showing the Metropolitan Municipality İZUL A.Ş. Explaining the long maintenance of the repair and maintenance operations, the officials said, ün We can simulate the mistakes of a bus in the same week.

The time required for the wheel to change is required and you will appreciate that the system and structure are very large compared to a bus. For this reason, this period can be extended to some extent. Bu

Sharing the municipality's answer on social media, Akça said, sosyal It has been answered with sincere language. It was very nice :) Çok.