5 station opened in Tekkeköy rail system route

5 stations were put into service on the Tekkeköy rail system route: Samsun Metropolitan Municipality opened the 5-station section between the Gar and the Fishermen's Shelter on the Tekkeköy route. Thus, a passenger who got on from the University Station had the opportunity to go to the Fishing Port Station.
Samsun Metropolitan Municipality 2nd Stage Gar-Tekkeköy Light Rail System (HRS) Line Project, Samulaş A.Ş. Kılıçdede, Samsunspor, Municipal Houses, Blue Lights and Fishermen's Shelter, which were put into operation, started passenger transportation as a whole with the existing light rail system line.
First passenger Burak
Burak Çakır took the tram from the Municipal Houses Station at 27 on Saturday, August 06.15, at 06.17, the first passenger of the HRS passenger transportation, which was initiated from the Fisherman's Shelter station to the university direction and again from the University Station to the Fisherman's Shelter direction. Burak Çakır, who works in a private sector firm in Atakum district, said, “I go to work early in the morning. I had to use two documents to reach my workplace. It was a good news for us to put the new rail system line into service. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to this service to reach us. ”

Günceleme: 11/12/2018 17:34

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