Tatvanda ski lift looking terrace

There will be a ski terrace with a ski lift: In the project prepared by the Tatvan Municipality of Bitlis, a navigation terrace will be provided with a ropeway.

Within the scope of the project prepared by Tatvan Municipality of Bitlis, a navigation terrace will be provided with a ropeway.

Karataş Caglayan neighborhood on the top of the hill will be made to look at the top of the hill and will be built between the fairground and the ropeway will be established between the Tatvan Mayor Fettah Aksoy, completing the work within a year to serve the public said they aimed. Stating that they will carry out the ropeway project together with the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Mr. Aksoy said, proj We planned to build a hilltop in the oak area called Çamlık Tepesi and to build a ropeway about one kilometer from the top to the fair area. Our project has been drawn and their calculations are about to be completed. Discovery was made and we are planning to start this year. We will start to set up your feet this year, if the climate conditions are not appropriate next year, we will start the work in the spring. The cruise hill we plan to make will be located in the dominant part of the district center. It is also a different advantage that the Tatvan ring road, which is at the project stage, is on the route it will take. There will be resting places and cafeterias. Those who will go from top to bottom or from top to bottom with the cable car will enjoy the beautiful scenery of Tatvan. The ropeway, which will be built on two legs, will be approximately one kilometer and will be equipped with 8 or 10 cabinets with 4-5. Thus, 40 or 50 will be moved in one round. Considering the winter months, we consider the cable car with closed cabins. If we can run a service that can serve in the winter and build a ski resort in the same area, people will benefit from it both in summer and in the winter. K

Tatvan's worth kazangood things to the district by making attempts to kazanAksoy, who said that they are trying to get rid of them, said, “We are sharing this good news with our people with your vehicle. We have a debt of loyalty to our country and our district, we want to pay this by turning it into services," he said.

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