Tahir Büyükakın is waiting for understanding from citizens and tradesmen

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Assoc. Tahir Büyükakın, citizens and tradesmen because of the tramway waiting for understanding, saying that the line will go into service, said the line will gain prestige
Work continues for the tram line between İzmit Intercity Bus Terminal and Seka Park. The tram is scheduled to be put into service in February. Even the work done on the tramway is causing the reaction of citizens and tradesmen. The General Secretary of the Metropolitan Municipality, where we received telephone information yesterday, Assoc. Tahir Büyükakın, citizens and artisans are right in their complaints, stating that they expect understanding.
Büyükakın said; Proje Tram is an important project for Kocaeli. As you can appreciate, the infrastructure of the tramway route is completely overhauled. Water pipes, natural gas and electricity lines are completely renewed. When this is the case, it also brings troubles. If we do not overhaul the entire infrastructure, if we lay the line on the existing road, the infrastructure problems that will occur tomorrow and the other day will be a big problem for the tram.
We also eliminate the potential problems by overhauling the infrastructure completely. Works on Gazi Mustafa Kemal Boulevard continue. We aim to finish the work here at the end of the month. Tramway works continue in the 4 region. If there are studies in one area, then the tram does not reach the year of February 2017. We know that our citizens, tradesmen are the victims during the tram line operation. We look forward to understanding from them. I'm sorry. It should not be forgotten; When the tram is activated, the value of Izmit will increase. Shops and houses where the tram line passes will be appreciated. The streets will win prestige.
In addition, the roads in front of the Symbol are currently on the roads in front of the Outlet. Intersections are organized. After completion of these, Yahya Captain will be working on the crossroads. After the tram, the rail system will be run for the subway. So, in 2016, as in 2017, Kocaeli will be the construction site. Yani

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