Şirinevler paralyzed working traffic at metrobus stop (Video)

Working traffic at the Sirinevler metrobus station paralyzed: While improvement work on the overpasses at IMM's metrobus stops continues, the work at Sirinevler station brought life to a halt.
Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality's 25-26-27 August, Şirinevler metrobus stop announced that the work to continue today, while citizens are outraged by the heavy traffic.
25-26-27 A temporary traffic order was created on August between the 22.00 and 06.00 hours. As a result of the studies that will continue tomorrow, 27 August 2016 on Saturday; 22: 00 to 06: 00; The D-100 Highway will be closed to traffic in the direction of Ankara and the traffic will be provided from the Southern Side. However, this arrangement, which lasted for three days, was enough for the citizens to get outraged.



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