Şentepe Cable Car Maintenance Completed

Completion of the Şentepe Lift: Completed due to maintenance and repair, the Şentepe cable car is interrupted for a period of time.

The ropeway system that connects Şentepe to Yenimahalle Metro Station in both directions as arrival and departure will begin to carry Ankara residents again. Officials of the EGO Rail Systems Department stated that some faults were detected during routine maintenance of the Şentepe cable car, and the parts needed for repair were renewed and renewed.
EGO officials stated that after the completion of maintenance and repair operations, EGO officials stated that this service will continue from safe and healthy way.

Public transport for the cable car, the officials pointed out that used for the first time in the capital Turkey, 10 personality 106 cabin from the resulting cable car system with an average 20- 25 thousand a day from Ankara, şentepe from Yenimahalle Metro Station, the coming out of the subway, waiting in a short time They stated that they were sent to Şentepe.

The ropeway system, which works synchronously with the subway, helps both to relieve traffic and can be easily used by disabled, elderly, children and every sector.

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