Bursaray's new wagons became a childhood disease

Bursaray's new wagons became a childhood illness: Due to the electronic malfunction in Bursa's public transportation vehicle, Bursaray, the trips stopped for half an hour. Citizens waiting to be remedied at the stations in 35 degrees heat revolted.
BURULAŞ General Manager Levet Fidansoy, electronic failure Durmazlar City There are new wagons that can cause childhood disease, ”he said.
Bursa, which is the backbone of public transportation in the evening in the case of Bursara, the citizens who want to go home to work out of the infuriated. Due to the half-hour delay, many citizens who had to wait at the 35-grade subway stations reacted to the municipal authorities.
According to information obtained Durmazlar The new Dream City wagon made by the machine remained on the rail due to electronic failure 17: Electronic failure that started in 47 18: 15 was repaired and reactivated by the expert team sent by the company.
Levent Fidansoy, General Manager of BURULAŞ who spoke on the subject Durmazlar Stating that it happened in the new wagon, “wagons can be a new childhood disease. We lived in Siemens and Bombardier companies before, unfortunately, it can happen.
”It's a good thing that we didn't experience democracy seizures“
15 After the coup attempt on July night 28 during the day during the bouts of democracy during the day of the system 24 hours 650 hours of nonstop working for a total of 7 hours, indicating that Fidansoy, may be due to overload. Well, then it didn't happen. The weather was very hot, and the firm officials said that the hot air and airborne vaccine could be caused by moisture. Hava
“We will completely overhaul the system“
Emphasizing that the parking line was not made in the project of the current system, Fidansoy said, “Unfortunately, we do not have a parking line where we will pull the broken wagon. It is also very difficult to rebuild the parking lines because there are two-sided roads along the line. There is a parking line in the project on the Şehreküstü side, but it has not been built. We re-projected. We will completely overhaul and revise the system. We will put new scissors. We will do whatever we can to eliminate the distress of our citizens as soon as possible. But it will take some time, ”he said. Stating that the disruption occurred for half an hour between 17:47 and 18:15, Fidansoy said, because we could not pull the malfunctioning wagon, the trains coming from behind piled up. It took 20 minutes to counteract this clutter. The line became active again after the technicians coming from the company resolved the fault. "

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