Tram line route in Sanliurfa

Tram line route in Sanliurfa: Sanliurfa, the first rail system project to serve 55 thousand passengers in Sanliurfa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Nihat Ciftci pushed the button. Routes for the rail system, whose feasibility studies have been completed since the 6 month, were also determined.
In Şanlıurfa, a new era begins in the urban public transport area. Daily average 190 thousand people preferred public transportation in order to provide more comfortable and fast transportation, as well as to avoid the negativity of traffic in the Metropolitan Municipality, completed the preparations for the rail system. The 6 kilometer road route and the stops on the route were determined for the rail system project that has been carrying out feasibility studies since the 7 month.
This step, which was taken for solution to the public transportation in the city, which is among the sine qua non of the Mayor Nihat Çiftçi, was met with enthusiasm by the citizens.
The first stage will cover the 7 KILOMETRELY ROUTE
The 4 stage operation will be started in order for the rail system to serve throughout the city. The first stage will be between Emirgan and Haleplibahçe where the density is the most frequent. A total of 7 stops will be available on the route covering the 11 kilometer, and this will allow the transport of up to a thousand 86 people per day. 100 will cost 2.5 million liras and 2019 will be completed in XNUMX year.
The first step of the project is the detailed route of departure; Emirgan - Public Education Center - Büyükşehir Belediyesi Önü - Kapaklı Pasajı - Yıldız Square - Haşimiye - Hanlar Region - Balıklıgöl - Sakıp's Mansion (White House) - Şanlıurfa Museum - Kızılkoyun.
The second stage of the Şanlıurfa rail network will be the Light Rail System (LRT) line between Karaköprü New Fair Area and Eyyübiye Kuyubaşı. In the third line of the same route, the route will be extended to the old airport and the transportation of the citizens will be provided to cover the 15 station about 14 kilometers long. In the fourth stage, this time between Abide and Harran University Osmanbey Campus will be started to be a Light Rail System (LRT) line.
2019 is planned to be completed in 2023 and 15 will be completed in 200.
The total cost of the project was determined as 200 Million Euro with the LRT line going through the elevated platform.
While all the works were handled in detail, the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, Nihat Çiftçi, went to the tram station within the framework of the contacts in Ankara the previous day and made a series of investigations. Ankara transport transportation routes and tramway President Nihat Ciftci, Şanlıurfa transportation of public transportation to provide more comfortable and faster to do their best to do, he said.

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