Flash Decision for Samsun Light Rail System

Samsun Light Rail System Flash Decision: Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Yusuf Ziya Yilmaz said the rail system will come to OMU.
Yusuf Ziya Yılmaz, the Mayor of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, made a traditional breakfast at the Samsun Golf Course where he met many people from businessmen to politicians.
Stating that there are some shortcomings in the test system carried out yesterday in the rail system, President Yılmaz said that they had postponed the opening for a week. We were going to serve Saturday but we saw a number of shortcomings. Next Saturday, the rail system will go as far as the Fisherman's Shelter. 17 km with the route, however, the 21 kilometers. When the transportation to Tekkeköy is provided, the rail system running in the east-west direction will be 32. We visited Sait Bilgiç, our president, who was appointed as the rector the other day. He told me that they did not use the rail system because the students had to change vehicles, so the rail system should go up to the university. This is what we thought when we started the rail system project 7 years ago. We said that we should do so now with the idea that the existing shaft systems of the trains, rail systems, transmission systems, the relationship between the iron wheel and the rail and the corners of the bends will greatly increase the operating costs. But today our experience has increased. We can start to work by taking advantage of technological developments. 'I take the train at the point of removal of the train to university,' 'he instructed.

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Yusuf Ziya Yilmaz, who thanked him for the breakfast program undertaken by Businessman Köksal Ersayın, said, Büyük We decided to do better and decided to enlarge the golf course. 300 is bringing our 600 conversion to our field area. The Golf Course is a sports area as well as a tourism project. We are making efforts to increase the tourism potential and attractiveness of our city. As you know, there is Bird Paradise. We have brought a new agenda for raising the food. Every day we develop a little more in the world as a field that will put before the counterparts are trying to prepare, da he pointed out that large projects were made in Samsun for tourism.
15, the trauma of the coup attempt in July, still pointed out that the President Yılmaz continued his speech; "Life goes on. Our work continues. In our country, there is a trauma caused by the 15 July incident. Hopefully this will be overcome. In the 15 July event, many of the people who have a relationship with FETÖ / PDY organizations and their gossip are experiencing a process that is challenging them in the judiciary. This process is such a process that even those who are not related to the traitors are defeated by saying FETÖ member. Brother, let the law solve this. Untie MIT. The security units already know who's what. The ambitions and animosities of people with each other, together with such rumors, both occupy the judiciary and leave people under suspicion. Let us take our minds, let's turn to our power. Justice will already work. It will do the law about those who are involved in such crimes. This legal process will result with a result that will receive the punishment required. Gereken

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