Özdağ High Speed ​​Train Line will pass outside Manisa

AK Party deputy Manisa Selcuk Ozdag, Izmir-Manisa-Ankara line of the ongoing construction work on the high-speed train found in the description about the route. Ozdag, the high-speed train line passing through Manisa will pass the edge of the highway, stating that there will be a gar station where the new bus station, and from there, said that the Fast Train will go to Izmir. Özdağ also stated that the construction works related to the Menemen-Manisa, Manisa-Alaşehir suburban line project are continuing rapidly.
AK Party deputy Manisa Selcuk Ozdag, Izmir-Manisa-Ankara line of the ongoing construction work on the high-speed train found in the description about the route. Özdağ said that the high speed train line that will pass through Manisa will be on the edge of the ring road and that there will be a gar station in the place where the new bus station is located and from there the Fast Train will be transferred to İzmir. Ozdag, Menemen-Manisa, Manisa-Alasehir suburban line will continue to continue, the project continues to work on the construction work, he said. Ozdag, until the end of 2017 Ankara-Afyon line, until the end of the 2019 year of Afyon-Manisa-Izmir line will be completed by conveying their wishes.
Selçuk à n zdaÄŸ, Mustafa Kemal The initiation of the Democratization Project that was initiated by President Recep Tayyip ErdoÄesanâ € ™ s conditions for the development of the AK Party, which was established by 15 he continued by improving it to na. à or zdaÄ Proj, â € œÄÄ zmir-Manisa-Ankara High Speed Train Project continues. A tender was held for Ankara-Afyon. The works continue very fast. Afyon-UÅ belirak, UÅmirak-Manisa, Manisa-Ä ° zmir line was also determined. The high-speed train line that will pass from Manisa over this globe will pass along the edge of the highway. There will be a gar station where the bus station is. From there he will go to Izmir. At the same time, Menemen-Manisa will continue the Manisa-Alaçehir suburban line. President Recep Tayyip ErdoÄ ,an, President of the Republic of Turkey, contributed greatly to the realization of this project. The President of the Republic of Turkey, 26, to Ahmet DavutoÄiyelu. Prime Minister Ahmet Arslan, Minister of Transport, Communications and Maritime Affairs, TCDD General Directorate İsa Apaydın and I thank Mr. Selim Koçbayâ € ™ s manager for the whole season.
Özdağ, referring to the news about the high-speed train line, said, “As someone mentioned in this project, the part in the official newspaper is definitely for the suburban line. The high-speed train will pass from outside Manisa, from the bus station below the ring road. From there he will be transferred to Izmir. There will be a train station for the high speed train from the bus station. Everybody be sure of that. We would like to thank all the interested parties. Izmir-Manisa-Ankara line will reach Ankara from Manisa in 3 every hour. 3,5 hour will be from Ankara to Ankara. This will save time, fuel and cash. On the one hand, this is an important contribution to the prevention of accidents. Previously, Ankara-Konya, Ankara-Eskisehir, Eskisehir-Istanbul High Speed ​​train lines began to work. Now Ankara-Sivas High Speed ​​Train line is formed. We provided the iron nets and railways that Mustafa Kemal Atatürk had initiated in the period of the yearly AK Party government established by Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in accordance with the needs of our age. Therefore, all of these projects and investments are revolution. Development moves and Turkey with our technology, we will continue to introduce moves with knowledge. Izmir-Manisa-Ankara and Izmir-Manisa-Istanbul highway moves continue to be made quickly. 15 2017 until the end of this highway work will be all completed. On the one hand we will complete the Sabuncubeli Tunnel on the other hand, the Çandarlı-North Aegean Harbor, on the other hand, the roads connecting our districts to the end of 2018. Manisa will continue to be the center of development, agriculture, industry, education, transportation and communication. Man
30 March 2019 in the Manisa's unemployment rate up to elections said the draw to 5 percent xnumx't percent Özdağ "Our goal is to switch to a presidential system before the presidential elections, but if the presidential election is also done we'll vote on the average of Turkey in Manisa. If God blesses in the general elections in Manisa, the AK Party, 3 deputies are aiming to remove. High-speed train project, Manisa Ankara, Manisa Istanbul highway works and all our investments in Manisa good luck I hope Man.

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