Meles Bridge demolished for tram

The Meles Bridge was demolished for the tram: The Meles Bridge on the Alsancak Şehitler Street was destroyed as part of the construction of the Konak tram.
As part of the construction of the Konak tram, the Meles Bridge on Alsancak Şehitler Street was destroyed. Within the scope of İZSU's ongoing works in coordination with Meles Creek rehabilitation, a more robust bridge will be constructed to cross the tram.

Konak tram line The existing highway bridge on Meles Creek on the Şehitler Caddesi route was destroyed due to building safety. The crossing of the bridge was closed in May, traffic from Şehitler Street was given to the second bridge over the stream. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality displaced the infrastructure under the Meles bridge, which was closed until August. Within the scope of the works that are coordinated with the improvement works of İZSU Meles creek, Meles creek was destroyed in the second week of August. The rubble of the collapsed bridge continues. The new bridge will be built safely to carry tram and vehicle traffic. Tramway works are expected to be completed in mid 2017.



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