Mehmetçik Train Begins Exhibiting in Eskişehir

mehmetcik train
mehmetcik train

Soldiers train started to be exhibited in Eskişehir: Turkey's first indigenous children in 1957 and produced for the locomotives 'soldiers' from steam locomotives began to be exhibited in Eskişehir railway park. Within the scope of the project to take the High Speed ​​Train (YHT) underground project in Eskişehir in 2012, efforts to park the area on Hatboyu Street continue. With the project prepared by TCDD, works on landscape and recreation are continuing on an area of ​​30 thousand square meters where the railway is underground on Hatboyu Street. Within the framework of the studies, walking paths, water pools, kiosks and green areas are built in the area, which was formerly used as a train route. In order to remind the old train way, the area was covered with a train, and a walking area was created by covering it with glass.

Within the project scope also by railwaymen 'balance' called and locomotive repair the machines they move with the arm strength of railwaymen to Eskisehir CER produced in the workshops of Turkey's first steam locomotive, 'she began to be exhibited at the soldiers.


In 1957, 2 steam locomotives called 'Mehmetçik' and 'Efe' were produced for children in Eskişehir Cer workshop, Ankara Youth Park. After the steam locomotives with a speed of 20 kilometers and a load capacity of 35 tons, the first Turkish steam locomotive with 1961 horsepower, 1915 tons of weight and 97 kilometers speed was produced in 70. The locomotive named 'Mehmetçik' placed in the railway park was highly appreciated by the citizens. Citizens and especially children who travel in the area take a souvenir photo with a mini steam locomotive.
TCDD officials stated that the project was focused on and that in the coming days the park will be completely finished.

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