Child hit by locomotive dies in Sivas

The child who was hit by the locomotive in Sivas died: Abdullah Çavuşdağı, 16, who was hit by the locomotive in Sivas, died at the scene. Relatives of the child had a nervous breakdown
The incident occurred at the Taşlıdere location on the Kayseri road around 14.15. According to the information obtained, the locomotive serial number D24145 used by SA, which goes from the Ulaş district to Sivas direction, hit the 16-year-old Abdullah Çavuşdağı, who wanted to cross the railroad.
Çavuşdağı was thrown into the wooded area with the severity of the impact. 112 teams, who were called to the scene by the citizens, determined that Çavuşdağı was killed.
After the investigation by the gendarmerie crime scene investigation teams, the funeral of Çavuşdağı was removed to the morgue of Cumhuriyet University Medical Faculty Hospital for an autopsy.
Karşıyaka It was learned that Çavuşdağı, who lives in his neighborhood, had 2 children beside him and that the children noticed the train and jumped off the tracks.
As the investigation started, relatives of the child's news had a nervous breakdown.

Günceleme: 11/12/2018 17:14

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