Kayseri Transportation Inc. Continues with Democracy Watch

Kayseri Transport Inc. seizure of Tea Break with Democracy Continues: President of Turkey, like all our Kayseri with Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan called for democracy is also continuing to seizures.
Kayseri Transportation Inc. has increased its transportation services to the 24 clock of the day in order to support the people of Kayseri due to the intense prudence of the people of Kayseri who descended to the squares following the call of our Commander-in-Chief.
Kayseri Transportation Inc. staff trying to provide the best transportation service, Kayseri Republic Square with the tent they set up during the night are participating in the democracy watch. They offer free tea to the people of Kayseri in the established tent.
Providing tea to the citizens of Kayseri Transportation Inc. employees: "When it comes to the motherland, tears, children, brothers, spouses and poured into the streets, tanks and bullets in front of our nation with great pride to serve without hesitation we continue our work." They said.



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